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Jillian Arena

Author of the children's book, "When the Earth Slept" and novel, "The Songs of My Family".


Current Releases

"A riveting read that encourages you to see the silver lining amidst tragedy...Arena's narrative is unflinchingly raw and grounded, and that, combined with her smooth writing style, makes the pages a breeze to go through."

Readers' Favorite

5-Star Review

"An absorbing and heartwarming story.  Well-written and perfectly edited.  I loved the storyline, and I would really love to see a movie created from this book!"

5-Star Review

"Jillian Arena's story explores many questions about family make-up, connections, and stormy emotional relationships that ebb and flow.  The high degree of racial and social inspection reveals the kinds of connections which are unexpected, bringing two disparate groups together through a shared tragedy that brings with it new opportunities, as well as grief."

Midwest Book Review

5-Star Review

"Jillian Arena's writing is excellent and entertaining.  The characters are well elaborated, and all acquire personal development as they learn to relate to each other.  This novel has an enjoyable topic and shows that love has no limits.  Perfect for inspiring a more empathetic and harmonious environment on a family and social level."

Literary Titan

5-Star Review


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